Silven Group 

We are Nature Investment group in the Dominican Republic. Collaborative network of investors that supports long term conservation of important nature and wildlife areas in the Dominican Republic, by developing sustainable projects for investment in partnership with land owners. We created this project to protect unspoiled nature in a place that is also known as Paradise on the Earth. By joining our long-term experience and knowledge of each individual of our Silven Group, we got an unique opportunity to participate in the protection of Mother Earth. Our goal is to acquire and protect as much land as possible and prevent the degradation of this beautiful country that has so much to offer. At the same time, we want to give the opportunity to other people who are interested in participating with us in this project in the same spirit. From our own capital and in cooperation with investors who enter projects with us as partners and help us accomplish our mission & goals, we buy large plots of land, especially in the Samaná area.

The conservation and development finance gap coupled with a lack of opportunities for private investors in sustainable nature- based economic models.   

Land ownership and investment

Land ownership and use can be challenging in the Dominican Republic, especially for foreign investors. The challenges include inconsistent land policies, inadequate land administration infrastructure and record-keeping, ambiguous land tax regimes and unclear right of use. Silven Group, using its local knowledge and legal network, will ensure the investor has the most secure land tenure arrangement available, and we will be transparent about the risks and costs associated with the investment and property rights.